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Department of Finance

History and Vision

Funded by the grant from Ministry of Education, Taiwan, Department of Finance established in 1998. The department established for education in field of finance with emphases of theory and practices. Experienced the periods of Business Junior College, Technology Institute, and Technology University, our department launched the graduate program in 2001 and the master program in 2011. Now there are 16 faculty members, 16 classes and more than 700 students.

Continually keeping up with the stream and respond to challenges of the financial industries, our department actively recruits the most excellent faculty members, intimately cooperates with practices and updates the facilities. Our department emphasizes the integration between academics and practices, infuses courses with global dimensions, and cultivates students’ ethical & professional perspectives. Our department aims to guide students being with independent thinking, professional knowledge, and ethical standards. In the future, our department aims to educate more excellent finance personnel and to be one of the most prominent schools of finance.



The faculty members composite with 1 professor, 7 associate professors, 7 assistant professors, and 1 lecturer. Our department encourages teachers making more efforts in academic research, corporations with financial institutions, and curriculum developments.  Our department is honored of faculty’s academic achievements and license qualifications. . The faculty members:


Wang, Kuan-Min

Professor, Dean of Business & Management College



Yeh, Chin-Piao

Associate Professor, Director of Department of Finance


Huang, Chun-Sung

Associate Professor


Sun, Erh-Yin

Associate Professor


Hung, Pi-Fang

Associate Professor


Lin, Hsiu-Kan

Associate Professor


Yeh, Chih-Chuan

Associate Professor


Lai, Hung-Cheng

Associate Professor


Huang Su-Chen

Assistant Professor


Tzeng, Han-Wen

Assistant Professor


Chang, Tsang-Yao

Assistant Professor


Zhang Jian, Iung-Jang

Assistant Professor


Cheng, Ting-Yi

Assistant Professor

Huang, Li-Ying

Assistant Professor


Lin, Chia-Liang

Assistant Professor


Chung Wei-Shih


Curriculum and Labs

To deepen integration between theory and practice, our department collaborated with specialists from various financial institutions to develop our curriculum. The curriculum of undergraduate program composites of

(1)   Core curriculum: Providing students solid courses to obtain basal business and financial knowledge.

(2)   Elective courses: Providing students various courses for students to obtain knowledge in multiple fields.

(3)   Internship: Providing students opportunities to learn occupational practices and experiences.

The curriculum of graduate program:

(1)   Core curriculum: Providing students courses to obtain advance and professional financial knowledge.

(2)   Research courses: Providing students training to strength research and analytical skills.

(3)   Elective courses: Providing students practical courses to enhance integration and recognitions of practice and theory.

(4)   Internship: Providing students opportunities to learn occupational practices and experiences.

To build up practical environments, our department established the state-of-the-art facilities and labs. The goals of the labs are (1) providing virtual environments to cultivate students with necessary skills to develop their professional skills, and (2) provide environments to promote communication and cooperation. The Labs:


Training Lab


Financial Profession Lab


Financial Planning Profession Lab


Financial Software Lab


Financial Consultation Lab


Seminar Room


License Testing Lab.





 Yeh, Chin-Piao, Associate Professor


Tel: +886-4-27016855 ext 8501

Administrative Assistant

 Huang, May-Ray


Tel: +886-4-27016855 ext 8502